In June 2011 I graduated from Falmouth with a BA in Fine art with a first class honours.

Prior to studying at Falmouth I had a successful solo show in London at Arthub in Deptford. At Falmouth I instigated Elastic Bang, the inaugural first years group show.

My journey to this point included a stint working on the world famous sculptural delight that is the Cutty Sark Tea Clipper in Greenwich, London (my home town). Whilst on board I honed my carpentry skills and developed a deeper love and understanding of the monumental and accompanying industry.

All the while I have drawn, painted and tried to develop as a print maker. It is with great excitement and some trepidation that I plan to take up painting once again to try and say something more with my work. During my time at University College Falmouth I chose to explore my sculpture habit and make large and often moving sculptures. I found working outside of the institution free of all its accompanying baggage to be hugely rewarding. To take art and create art in the wider community strips it bare, back to a point of refreshing honesty.

Numerous artists and writers and individuals have influenced me, from Simon Starling and Dorothy Cross through to Louise Bourgoise and Jannis Kounellis. Belgium born Mexico City artist Francis Alys caused me to revise my own discourse more than any other. Alys’s tender poetic and metaphoric handling of heavily politically charged issues of our time is an antidote to the failures of modernity. His work is proof of an art of some social value. He also manages the fiendishly difficult trick of being popular with the artistic elite and with the lay person on the street.

Ben Delap